Zhenas Gypsy Tea Black Tea, Uplifting Earl Grey

Organic & Fair Trade Black Tea. Richly scented black tea with Bergamot to uplift your spirit. A Tea for all your senses. Assam and Ceylon Black tea leaves are infused with Italian Bergamot. The synergy of these organic elements creates an exquisite blend of stimulation & balance. Aromatherapeutic Benefits: Organic Bergamot - Helps concentration, confidence & joy. Since its discovery 5,000 years ago in China, tea has been enhancing the lives of people worldwide. Bergamot has been used to create sunny dispositions in tea drinkers for over 200 years. Herbs, flowers & spices used in aromatherapy to enhance one's well - being through the sense of smell. We infuse the ancient art with tea, to deliciously enrich your daily life with flavor & Aromatherapeutic virtue. As a woman of Gypsy heritage, I am devoted to creating delicious products to delight all of your senses while nurturing our Global Trade. With each sip of our tea, you are helping the lives of people worldwide. Our fair trade promise guarantees that the workers in the fields from which we harvest our teas receive medical care, education, maternity leave, and child care. This brings true empowerment and fulfilled dreams for those who need it most.