ZAND Herbalozenge Organic Lozenges, with Zinc & Vitamin C, Blue-Berries Blend

Elderberry Blueberry flavor. Herbal supplement. Sweetened only with organic brown rice syrup; no artificial sweeteners; no cane sugar; no sucrose. ZAND Organic Herbal Lozenges are made with certified organic brown rice syrup, making these lozenges free from simple or refined sugars. Certified organic brown rice syrup is all-natural, tastes wonderfully sweet, and allows health conscious consumers to utilize ZAND Herbal Lozenges year round without concern over restricted diets, refined sugars, or the use of artificial sweeteners. Organic Blue-Berries Herbal Lozenges include 2 mg of zinc and 200% of the daily value of vitamin C to coat and soothe your throat. The perfect blend of blueberries and elderberries provides a great tasting organic lozenge. Vegetarian friendly. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International.