Wyman's of Maine® Dark Sweet with Red Tart Cherries Frozen Fruit 2 lb. Bag

Recommended by Future GenerationsWyman's is committed to sustainable agriculture for the health and welfare of generations to come.Whether it is wild blueberries from our farm fields in Maine and Eastern Canada, or other fruits from our supply partners around the globe, our vision and practice of sustainability is formed around the core principles of Food Safety. Environmental Stewardship and Community Equity.Thank you for supporting Wyman's of Maine.—The Wyman Family Wyman's Farm Fresh Frozen Dark Sweet with Red Tart Cherries is a deliciously balanced blend.The dark sweet cherries are picked when they are ripe, firm, deeply red in color, and the sweetest. Red tart cherries complement the blend with their bright red color and distinctively tart flavor.This blend of Wyman's Dark Sweet with Red Tart Cherries is a fast and easy way to eat healthy. The delightful blend of dark sweet and red tart cherries is a perfect treat any time of the day.Perfect for: smoothies, baking, or as a topping on yogurts, cereals, and salads. Convenient Resealable Bag Farm • Fresh • Frozen Same 2 lb. Size!