Weber Whiskey Flavored Seasoning, Smooth & Savory Blend, Buffalo Trace 3.5 oz

Weber Buffalo Trace Seasoning 3.5 ounce plastic bottle is inspired by the sweet fruit flavor and rich caramel notes of Buffalo Trace This flavorful, well-balanced seasoning features hints of caramel, molasses and bourbon and is crafted to impart the delicious iconic flavor notes of Buffalo Trace in your recipes. Welcome Weber seasonings to your cooking and grilling for an easy way to add premium, flavorful seasonings to all your favorites recipes This co-branded seasoning with Buffalo Trace brings together a grilling legend and one of the world's most iconic whiskeys. More than 200 years ago, buffalo carved a pathway followed by American pioneers. The trail led to the banks of the Kentucky, where a world-class distillery and a flagship was born. Buffalo Trace defines what a bourbon should be. Crafted specifically to hold up to the heat of the grill, this Weber Buffalo Trace blend is formulated to enhance flavor and enable that perfect sear on your protein or vegetable. This product contains soy. ©SAZERAC COMPANY, INC. Used under license. WEBER, THE KETTLE CONFIGURATION AND THE KETTLE SILHOUETTE ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF WEBER-STEPHEN PRODUCTS LLC. USED UNDER LICENSE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.