We Grow Water Cold Pressed Watermelon Water

We Grow Water™ Cold Pressed Watermelon Water. Deliciously hydrating. 12 fl oz (355 ml). Summer in your mouth™. All year round. Hydrate & rejuvenate 24/7. 7am Rise & rind. 8am Your trusted workout partner. 3pm Your afternoon power plant. 7pm Evening mixer, morning fixer. Shake it like you make it! WTRMLN WTR™ is a natural product: Taste and color may vary. Say what A hydration sensation spreading love to the nation. Each melon is conscientiously grown, non-GMO*, hand skinned, cold pressed and tenderly loved. Say when Every time the thirsty, dehydrated, electrolyte starved, nutrient famished cells in your body beg for some lovin'. Morning Yup! Work out Uhuh! Post party Never better! Rejuvenate the wtrmlnwtr™ way! Everything but the skin. No water added. Potassium 550mg: Way more potassium than your favorite sports drink†. Citrulline 520mg: L-Citrulline for your workouts. Make your muscles rejoice. No sugar added: About the same sugar as coconut water and 45% less than OJ^. Not a low calorie food. Vitamin C 60% lycopene 9.5mg: Packed with antioxidant goodness from vitamin C + lycopene. 100% Juice. Naturally vegan. Gluten free. Non-GMO Project Verified. nongmoproject.org. *We do not use ingredients that were produced using biotechnology. All comparisons per 8 fl oz serving: †WTRMLN WTR 602mg electrolytes (550mg potassium, 20mg calcium, 32mg magnesium). Leading sports drink 130mg electrolytes (22mg potassium, 108mg sodium). ^WTRMLN WTR 12g sugar, leading coconut water 11g sugar. Regular OJ 22g sugar. This bottle is BPA free. Please recycle. Visit: www.wtrmlnwtr.com.