Tinkyada Pasta Joy Ready Brown Rice Pasta, Lasagne

With rice bran. Good consistent texture. Not mushy al dente. Wheat free. Gluten-free. A classic in texture and taste. Brown rice pasta, a cholesterol free food. See back panel for nutrition information. We Specialize: Our entire production facility and all machines are dedicated to the manufacture of rice pasta-no other grain or cereal is used to prevent cross-grain contamination at production. Not mushy! Promising a delightful eating experience. No preservatives added. This pasta is made from quality rice and formed to gourmet class. For years, our focus has been on making a pasta from rice that delivers an ultimate enjoyment of pasta. Rice does not contain gluten and is consumed by many that follow a gluten-free diet. To these many, it may be good to know that we specialize in making rice pastas. We do not make products from other grains or cereals. Please visit our web-site for more information and some delicious recipes. www.ricepasta.com. www.tinkyada.com. Joy! A rice pasta that cooks like any regular pasta. Award winning taste. Al dente and not mushy. Its texture, superb. Perfect for a light-tasting family meal, for serving your loved ones and guests who are sure to appreciate, with joy. Where quality improvement is a continuing function. Made in Canada.