Sweet Leaf Black Tea, Unsweet, Lemon & Lime

All-natural. Lemon & lime flavor with other natural flavors. 0 calories per bottle. Premium black tea brewed with a touch of lemon and lime flavor. Est. 1998. Our Story: Our old buddy Hamp gave us a sweet deal on our first office space. He hounded us to make a lemon lime tea - said it would be all he ever drank. We've moved offices since then, but still prefer flip-flops to wingtips. This one's for you, Hamp. Drink up. When we first started, we brewed our tea in pillowcases and filled each bottle by hand. We've grown since then, but we're still inspired by Clayton's granny, Mimi, who taught us never to use ingredients we can't pronounce. We hope you have as much fun drinking our tea as we have making it. Enjoy. - Clayton & David. Please recycle. www.sweetleaftea.com. Zero calories. Contains no juice.