Stahlbush Island Farms Spinach, Cut

Sustainable farming. Earth friendly agriculture. Non GMO Project verified. 100% biodegradable package. Family's Private Reserve: My husband Bill Chambers and I are the founders and owners of Stahlbush Island Farms, Inc. We have raised our four children on the farm, feeding them the highest quality fruits and vegetables we know how to grow. As a mom, you always want the very best for your children. As a farmer, I want you to know you are getting gourmet, wholesome, healthy food. As a professional artist, I created this painting, Mt. Hood and Doug Fir as my depiction of the gateway to Oregon's Willamette Valley. At Stahlbush, our sustainable farming practices improve these rich soils. Our farms are remarkably fertile because of the clean water and biodiversity that the mountain ranges offer. Our Commitment to Sustainability: During each growing season we make the soil healthier and the ground water cleaner for future generations. We're dedicated to sustainable agricultural methods that benefit everyone. We even make our own electricity! Our biogas plant produces electricity, steam, hot air, and hot water for our processing plant using agricultural waste. We also: ban GMOs; promote biodiversity; protect wildlife habitats; rotate crops for plant health; uphold the very highest food safety standards; grow cover crops to enrich soil. About Our Wholesome Cut Spinach: By flash freezing our spinach straight from the field, the flavor and nutrition are perfectly preserved. To learn more about our family farm and discover delicious recipes using our products, visit Find us on: Made with green energy. Mt. Hood & Douglas Fir - Karla S. Chambers, Co-Owner of Stahlbush Island Farms. Sustainably grown USA. Product of USA.