Spray N Wash Tab

Pre-treating action in the wash! Dissolves fast! Just one fast dissolving tab in every washload gives you pre-treating action in the wash! Dissolves completely, even in cold water! Here's How it Works: The ActionBall Tab effervesces upon contact with water, distributing its concentrated stain fighters throughout your wash. These powerful stain fighters penetrate and loosen tough stains like grass, blood, baby formula and more. The Green Layer contains more stain fighters and a special activating agent that boost the stain fighting power in your wash. The White Layer contains oxygen bleach that works throughout the wash cycle to remove oxidizable stains such as grape juice, coffee and wine. Spray 'n Wash ActionBall Tabs are convenient, pre-measured - one per washload - and dissolve completely, even in cold water! One tablet = One wash load. Contains no phosphates. Safe for septic systems.