Spectrum Shortening, All Vegetable, Organic, Butter Flavor

Non-hydrogenated (See nutrition information for total fat and saturated fat content). USDA organic. RSPO Certified: Certified sustainable palm oil. Dairy free. Gluten free. American Masters of Taste: Superior Taste - Gold. www.spectrumorganics.com. Certified organic by QAI. Break out your rolling pin! We've taken our organic shortening to a whole new level with the additional of a natural butter flavor that will make your cookies and pie crusts tastier than ever. We craft our shortening from sustainably harvested, organic palm oil sourced from dozens of small family farmers in Colombia. Our Organic Shortening with Butter Flavor is a better choice than mainstream shortening brands because it's never hydrogenated which means it has 0 g trans fat. It's the right choice for you, the farmers and the earth - not to mention your cookies! High heat up to 450 degrees F. This product contains certified sustainable palm oil - www.rspo.org. Facebook: Connect with us: www.facebook.com/spectrumorganics. Product of Colombia.