Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel

Other Information: Store at room temperature, 68-78 degrees F (20-26 degrees C), and out of direct sunlight. Misc: Homeopathic Medicine. Fights minor skin infection. Calms skin inflammation. Promotes healing of the skin. No. 1 selling silver in the US. Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel is the perfect alternative to conventional and herbal topical treatments, with these distinct advantages: Kid-Friendly (with Adult Supervision): Sting-free formula reduces topical pain, does not add to it. Safety: Homeopathy has no known side effects. Clean & Pure: No synthetic preservatives. Non-Greasy, Transparent & Odorless: You'll hardly know it's there. For fast healing of all kinds of minor wounds, Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel relieves: burning; stinging; itching; redness; stiffness and pain from minor wounds; minor burns; bruises; ulcerations (minor cuts and scrapes); blisters; bug bites; skin eruptions from acne, eczema or infection; rashes. Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel Works in 4 Ways to Help Minor Wounds Heal Fast: Reduces Topical Pain: Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel reduces pain quickly, taking the sting out of skin irritations. Calms Skin Inflammation: Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel calms inflammation, reducing the swelling, redness and heat that often accompany minor skin wounds. Fights Minor Skin Infection: Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel helps the body keep minor skin infection at bay, allowing minor wounds to heal quickly. Promotes Healing of the Skin: By reducing topical pain, calming skin inflammation, and fighting minor skin infection, Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel helps skin recover from all kinds of minor wounds. Questions or comments? 1-888-328-8840/+1-941-702-6100.