Sho Chiku Bai Sake, Nigori, Silky Mild, Unfiltered

Nigori is one of the oldest style sakes, which is coarsely filtered and milky white in color. Its full, pleasantly sweet and complex flavor and smooth texture guarantee you a uniquely delicious drinking experience. Sake Type & Character: Type: Unfiltered; Sake Meter: Sweet (-20); Rich Body and Mild Aroma. Serving Temperature: Warm: Not recommended; Room Temperature: Excellent; Chilled: Excellent; On the Rocks and Cocktail: Excellent. Food Pairing: Rich and Well Seasoned (Great as a dessert wine) teriyaki, spare ribs, Korean barbecues, unagi, Szechuan style foods, Thai foods, and other spicy foods. Alcohol 15% by Volume. Produced and bottled by Takara Sake USA Inc., Berkeley, California. Product of USA.