Seeds Of Change Quinoa Blend, French Herb

Certified organic. USDA organic. With seed of change, 100% of our ingredients are grown organically. So you can make a choice for wholesome and delicious meals without compromise that are healthy for you as well as the planet. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, we began providing gardeners in 1989 with a wide range of certified organic seeds inspired by our mission to preserve biodiversity and promote sustainable organic agriculture. With our certified organic food, all our ingredients are grown in a manner that nourishes the crop and the soil, without conventional chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Our ecologically - friendly farming promotes a healthier earth, giving you a better choice and taste they way nature intended. Rosemary, native to the Mediterranean, is known as a symbol for remembrance, and has always been seen as energizing and uplifting. The Greeks thought it stimulated brain activity and so students wore garlands of it when taking exams. 18th century England viewed it as a symbol of fidelity and carried it in bouquets and baked it in wedding cakes. Supposedly, the Virgin Mary once spread her blue cloak over a whit blossomed variety which forever after bloomed blue, like its color. We love rosemary for its flavor and aroma. Vegetarian appropriate, gluten free, low in saturated fat, cholesterol free, good source of iron and fiber.