Sahale Snacks Nut Blend Sing Buri Cashews with Pineapple, Peanuts, Lemongrass + Mild Chinese Chili

Sahale Snacks® Sing Buri Cashews With Pineapple, Peanuts, Lemongrass + Mild Chinese Chili Nut Blend. All-natural. No trans fat. Snack Better®. Lemongrass, soy-glazed cashews, pineapple, peanuts, and sesame seeds, lightly dusted with mild Chinese chili make up this exceptional, aromatic blend reminiscent of a great Thai dish. Cholesterol free. We founded Sahale Snacks on a simple idea: take all-natural ingredients, add a dash of culinary magic, and create great tasting snacks. Gluten free. No trans fat. It started with a climb up Mt. Rainier in Washington State. We had beautiful views but nothing delicious to eat. Inspired by our experience, we created Sahale Snacks - extraordinary flavors, good for you, and easy to take with you anywhere. Sahale Snacks are perfect for snacking and entertaining. GF, certified Gluten-Free®. 100% wind powered. For ideas and recipes, or to share your Sahale Snacks ideas, please visit us on our website: