Rising Moon Organics Ravioli, Feta-Hazelnut

With butternut squash. Certified organic. USDA organic. Serves two. My great uncle was, the ancestral voices tell me, a great guy. He lived in Italy - the old country - had an enormous beard, loved his organic feta cheese - and lived for ravioli. My folks tell me that once a year, in preparation for the ten pound festival, he would play his pipes for the family as they would lovingly spend three sleepless nights and days making hundreds of pounds of ravioli. When the celebration began, people would pace themselves between dancing, merry-making, and eating ten pounds of ravioli apiece! Feta-Hazelnut Ravioli is a renaissance mouth experience of rich, organic tangy feta cheese and organic roasted hazelnuts in a mellow organic butternut squash. Visit us at www.risingmoon.com. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI), San Diego, CA 92122 USA. Product of USA.