Ready Protein Water, Blueberry

Natural flavors & sweeteners. 15 g protein. 0 g added sugar. Caffeine free. 100% protein isolate. Go beyod hydration. Electrolytes: sodium; potassium; chloride; magnesium; calcium. I've always focued on what i can control. Effort and attitude. Maximum effort every day - it's a choice - it's an anttitude. Realy competitive athletes know that's their edge. They take pride in ourworking their competition. Maximum effort requires something beyond hydration-functional hydration. Ready water provides hydration plus protein with natural ingredients & electrolyes. Wtihout all the sugar. Effort, attitude and functional hydration. You control these. Make them your advantage! Pat Cavanaugh, Founder & President. Free from erythritol (Sugar Alcohol) & sucralose (Artificial Sugar). Functional hydration. Muscle recovery. For questions, comments and suggestions contact us at 412.939.3399 or at Please recycle. BPA free. Made in USA.