Ravens Brew Coffee, Three Peckered Billy Goat

Another exotic Raven's Brew Blend. Sup from the cup that keeps you up. Pour the amour for a concupiscent cup! Experience the concupiscent cup. Share the ardor and passion of this sublime and stimulating elixir, especially with those closest to you. Pour it hot. Pour it lots. Velvety mouthfeel, superb body. Pleasant top notes of fruity sweetness hover over dry-chocolate base. Explore the exotic effulgences of Arabia and spicy redolences of India as you stroll your palate through fields of wild flowers and citrus groves. Epiphanous panoply of flavor in liquid-jewel form. Awesome crema. Crudely named, but aptly famed! A brew that is too placid may leave a billy flaccid. But three willies on a billy, is that too many for a nanny? If not, then your billy should sup from the cup that keeps him up. So fill his cup or apply as a lotion, then enjoy his three-stroke motion. Raven's Maven. Goats have long figured in coffee history, beginning with the goats of Khalladi: One day, searching for his missing herd, he found them dancing around a coffee tree in a state of enthrallment, having eaten its luscious coffee cherries. Curious, Khalladi partook of the tree's fruit and discovered the joys and efficacies of this miraculous gift of nature with its imparting of greater intellectual acuity, enhanced health and beauty, and states of pure bliss and vigor! Gotcher Goat?