Post Chips Ahoy! Breakfast Cereal, 12 Ounce boxes

Post Chips Ahoy! cereal is a dreamy combination of a breakfast cereal and a delicious, chocolatey cookie. Post Chips Ahoy! Cereal is made to be enjoyed as a breakfast cereal with ice cold milk or it can be eaten by the handful as a mid-day cookie snack. Get the best of both worlds, breakfast cereal and cookies, in every spoonful. Post Chips Ahoy! Cereal is made with wholesome corn and oat flour. This cereal is a adults will appreciate with a cookie flavor kids won't be able to resist. If you love chocolate chip cookies, and seriously, who doesn't? Try this chip off the old block! Start your day with a breakfast cereal celebration that puts the taste of America’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie right into your breakfast bowl. Also, don't forget to try our other dream cereal flavors! It’s the stuff breakfast dreams are made of!