Pixie Mate Latte Mate Chai, Organic

Sweetly spiced with cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and a wink of enlightenment. Naturally caffeinated. Concentrate--just add milk. Energy - Want some? What puts the zip in Mate? Mateine: a wholly different kind of boost than caffeine. While caffeine makes you want to hurt the cat, mateine's energy is pleasant, controlled and non-addictive. Traditionally, Mate has been used to enhance sleep and calm nerves while gently arousing a depressed nervous system. The people of the rain forest believe it burns calories, boosts metabolism, and can keep blood pressure in a more blissful state. Most people feel more alert, more at ease and more capable of conquering the world. So when you win a genius grant, all we ask is that you remember us in you acceptance speech. Two health-conscious amigos in Boulder discovered the newest old beverage and launched the sacred sip that gives the buzz of coffee a blush of shame. They mingled the mystery of mate with the juice of cheeky and a squeeze of sass, and called it Pixie Mate. It will float your soul on the wings of a softer buzz and beat the bushes for body-happy antioxidants. The Bad Guy--Free Radicals vs Antioxidants--The Good Guys. Free radicals are trouble makers. These unstable molecules enter your body just looking for a fight. They wreak havoc on cells and have been implicated in all kinds of crimes against you health like arthritis, premature aging, cataracts--even heart disease and cancers. Antioxidants are the sheriff whose job is to keep those delinquent free radicals on the run. But the sheriff needs your help. Once youre of voting age, your body slacks off of producing enough antioxidants to keep all the outlaws at bay. Luckily mate is one of the best sources of antioxidants you can find anywhere. So grab a cup and support your local sheriff. Antioxidants per serving: Broccoli (400-800); Orange Juice (650-1100); Green Tea (2300-3100); Mate Chai Latte (22,800). As measured by Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC). Pixie Mate is not meant to be a substitute for fruits and vegetables, which are an important part of your diet. What is Mate and why the buzz? Mate is the gentle hum of an awakened mind and a vibrant body. It is energy that's balanced, no frantic. The people of the South American rain forest discovered the magic before we did. From their treasured green leaves emerged the tea that sings the body electric. With a llama-load of antioxidants, mate trickles grinning into your system. It won't leave you drooping or demand addiction. Certified Organic. Pixie Mate is third-party certified organic by QAI. Drink deep. Your safe here. Pixie Mate--Take flight.