Pepperidge Farm® Colors Cheddar Cheese Crackers 27.300 Oz

Serve up a colorful snack the whole family will enjoy with Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Colors Cheddar Cheese Crackers, the fun, fish-shaped snack crackers with a smile. These baked cheese snacks are made with ingredients you can feel good about, including 100% real Cheddar cheese and no artificial flavors or preservatives. Made with colors sourced from plants, these brightly colored Goldfish crackers come in shades of red, green, red-orange and orange. The fun, bite-sized shape of Goldfish crackers make them the perfect at-home or on-the-go snacks for kids and adults. Crunchy and cheesy with an irresistible flavor, they’re a munchable must-have for school lunches, study sessions, road trips, movie nights and more. Make meals more exciting (and colorful) by serving Goldfish crackers with a sandwich and fruit as part of a balanced lunch, or try them as soup crackers or salad croutons for dinner. Each satisfying serving of 55 Goldfish Colors Cheddar Crackers contains 140 calories and 5 grams of fat. This 27.3-ounce carton contains roughly 25 servings and is the ideal size for stocking your pantry. If you’re looking for even more flavor, try Goldfish Flavor Blasted Snack Crackers. Go for the handful with Goldfish.