Peloponnese Cured Gourmet Green Olives Ionian

Peloponnese® Ionian Gourmet Green Olives. All natural. Mediterranean specialties. Naturally brine cured. Peloponnese® olives (Pell-uh-puh-neese) are all grown on family farms in Greece. Ionian green olives are large, bright green in color and decidedly crisp-crunchy in texture. The taste is of fresh, clean olive fruit - our most delicate variety. Found primarily on the islands and shores of the western mainland. Try our Ionian green olives: Serve with aged cheddar or smoked cheese. Pit, chop and add to butter as a compound butter for grilled foods. To order Peloponnese® products and look for unique and creative mediterranean Glass recycles. Questions, comments or recipes, please call 1-800-611-9782. recipes go to ©Melting Pot Foods, LLC.