Snickers Bar, Peanut Butter, Crunchy 2 Ea

Being a square never tasted this good. When you’re looking for a snack that really satisfies, look no further than Snickers. Snickers Peanut Butter Squared has it down to a science. Peanut butter, peanuts, caramel and nougat together as one. Delicious whether simply unwrapped and enjoyed, or incorporated into your favorite dessert recipes, Snickers handles your hunger so that you can handle, well...anything. So Many Ways to Savor·Keep a pack of Snickers Bars in your kitchen or office for a delicious anytime snack·Chop up a Snickers Bar and incorporate it into your favorite dessert recipes·Wrap a bar with a bow and gift a Snickers bar to a chocolate lover who isn’t themselves when they’re hungry