Almond Joy Candy Bar, Coconut & Almond Chocolate, Snack Size 8 ea

Island time is all the time when you take a bite of a snack size ALMOND JOY chocolate candy bar. When you need a break from the weekday craze, escape into a paradise of bliss when you bite into a delicious fusion of creamy chocolate candy, sweet coconut and whole almonds. It's the perfect treat to eat wherever life takes you. No doubt, it's an ALMOND JOY candy bar! Indulging in this sweet combination is the perfect way to relax during the workplace craze or throughout an eventful weekend. Unwrap a snack size ALMOND JOY chocolate candy for yourself or spread the joy with some of your favorite people. If you're in the kitchen baking, stock up on a handful of coconut candy bars and incorporate them into your brownies, cake batter, and cookies. Chop a few coconut chocolate candy bars up and mix them into your bowl to create a chewy brownie with a slight crunch and coconutty surprise. Or bring a little joy to the office by leaving this tropical treat in the breakroom. During the holidays, elevate your gifting by adding these delicious treats to Valentine's Day gift bag, springtime Easter baskets, Halloween candy bowls and festive Christmas stockings for everyone you love.