Nab Fun Shape Cookies

This Fun Shapes Variety Pack includes Barnum's Animal Crackers, CHIPS AHOY! Mini and Teddy Grahams in both honey and chocolate for easy, grab-and-go nibbling. These snack packs have all the classic snack flavors, perfect for a simple treat or afternoon munchies. Barnum’s Animal Crackers provide satisfying sweetness, and CHIPS AHOY! mini chocolate chip cookies deliver the same great flavor in a bite-size snack. Two flavors of Teddy Grahams give you the classic taste of honey graham crackers and chocolate graham crackers for delicious sweet snacks. Make your lunch special with these yummy lunch snacks, or reach for one whenever you want to satisfy your sweet tooth. This box includes 20 individually packaged cookie snack packs on the go for easy storage and convenient transport.