RITZ Fudge Covered Holiday Crackers, Limited Edition, 7.5 oz

Make the holidays rich with RITZ Fudge Covered Holiday Crackers. A great alternative to traditional chocolate covered pretzels, these original RITZ crackers are covered in delicious chocolate fudge to create the perfect holiday treat. With their salty and sweet combination, these Christmas crackers make any occasion richer. They're a must-have item on your list of holiday party supplies and stocking stuffer ideas. Serve these crackers as holiday snacks at your next gathering, snack on them as you're putting up your holiday decor, or use them as last-minute dessert toppers or holiday party favors. These crackers also make a great topping for ice cream, desserts and other holiday treats. RITZ Fudge Covered Holiday Crackers come in a 7.5 oz sealed box to keep each Christmas cracker crisp, fresh and delicious.