Graham Honey Stick

Honey graham sticks. Tastes great and now even more whole grain! Sensible Snacking: 5 g Whole grain; Low saturated fat; No cholesterol. Wholesome Morning Snacking! Dip It! Dip Honey Maid Sticks into your favorite flavor of yogurt. Scoop It! Scoop some peanut butter or your favorite Philadelphia Cream Cheese flavor on Honey Maid Sticks. Dunk It! Dunk Honey Maid Sticks into a glass of milk for a quick mid-morning snack. (Be mindful of calories and choose lower fat versions of the dips, scoops, and dunks when possible.) Nutritionists recommend eating at least three one-ounce equivalents of whole grain products per day (about 126 g whole grain per serving, or at least 48 g per day). One 8-cracker serving of Honey Maid provided 5 g of whole wheat, approximately 10% of the minimum daily amount nutritionists recommend.