9Lives Cat Food, Gravy Lovers, 12 Cans 12 ea

With 12 different individual packs, this wet cat food variety pack is a perfect way to give your kitty some flavor variety with his meals or satisfy a whole feline family with different favorites. (There's always a picky one in every family!) Made with real chicken, fish, beef and veal these meaty favorites are full of flavor in a savory sauce your cats will want to devour. Each package comes with 4 cans each of Hearty Cuts with Real Chicken & Fish in Gravy, Hearty Cuts with Real Turkey in Gravy, and Hearty Cuts with Real Beef & Chicken in Gravy, either containing heavy cuts or moist, tender meat grounds. 9 Lives Gravy Favorites wet cat food variety pack is also formulated to provide all the necessary nutrients to support 100% balanced nutrition for all life stages—from a playful little kitten to a wise old cat. At any age or stage—they'll come running when they hear this package being opened!