Glade Air Freshener Room Spray, Hawaiian Breeze, 8 oz

Eliminate odor and make your home inviting for all with Glade Hawaiian Breeze Room Spray. Infused with essential oils, it instantly freshens the air in your bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom or den. This easy-to use spray can is designed to fight the toughest odors in your home, and provides up to 7 hours of freshness per use. Discover the layers of Hawaiian Breeze. Sip on a sweet tropical smoothie as the island breeze helps you discover your taste for fruity paradise. The essence of pineapple and juicy peach nectar excite the senses with exotic sweetness. Notes of mango and red berries blend smoothly to add complexity to this perfectly fruity fragrance. Hints of tropical flowers provide undertones of a lush and lively tropical bouquet.