Dove Shampoo, Volume & Fullness 12 fl oz

Dove Volume and Fullness Shampoo is the perfect volumizing formula for hair volume. Want a Shampoo that nourishes, adds body and creates volume in your hair? This volumizing Shampoo, with BIOTIN-COMPLEX, is carefully crafted to do exactly that and is perfect for fine hair, too. Nourishing Shampoo for flat hair. Does a long day of work or play leave your hair looking a little flat and lifeless? Not with Dove Volume and Fullness Shampoo & Conditioner. It provides all-day body and volume so that your hair looks energized and invigorated from dusk until dawn. Enjoy a Dove volumizing Shampoo for flat hair, made with BIOTIN-COMPLEX, and get locks that look fuller, healthier and more beautiful with every use. This volumizing hair Shampoo by Dove can help you achieve the look and feel you want in your hair. If you’re looking for volumizing hair products like a lightweight Shampoo to revitalize limp or lifeless hair, then you’ll love the results of conditioning with Dove Volume & Fullness Shampoo and Shampoo. This Dove volumizing System is designed to make hair look healthy, soft, beautiful and voluminous all-day long. How to use: Apply this volumizing hair shampoo for fine hair to wet hair after shampooing, massage and rinse. For the best results, team Dove Volume and Fullness Shampoo for fine hair with Dove Volume and Fullness Conditioner and enjoy full soft and healthy-looking hair!