Arm & Hammer Toothpaste, Fresh Mint 6 oz

The standard of purity. Great new formula! Up to 3X more plaque removal (in hard-to-reach areas compared to a leading toothpaste). Whole mouth protection provides deep cleaning, whitening & gum health. Ultra smooth formula. At Arm & Hammer, we like to be different. Naturally powered by baking soda, our toothpaste goes beyond cleaning, giving you stronger, healthier teeth and gums. And unlike regular toothpaste, our pure baking soda formulas penetrate deeper throughout your mouth, removing up to 3x more plaque in hard-to-reach places (in hard-to-reach areas compared to a leading toothpaste). Best of all, we do this gently, and are less abrasive than other toothpastes (Data on file). Gently whitens teeth. Neutralizes acids. Deep cleans teeth & gums. Freshens breath. Tartar control. Cavity protection. Strengthens enamel. All in One Care: Removes plaque & stains; Protects gums; Deeper clean; Ultra smooth formula; Fresh from the dentist clean; Gentle on teeth. Green-e: Certified renewable energy. Our Commitment: Proud supporter of Arbor Day Foundation.