Mc Cormick Rub, Maple Bbq 5.75 oz

Lock in robust flavors of maple, molasses and natural hickory with sweet and smoky Maple BBQ Rub. America’s #1 grilling seasoning, our Maple BBQ Rub is packed with high-quality McCormick herbs and spices, like paprika and chili pepper. A dual flip-cap bottle allows you to season as you please. Shake, sprinkle and rub it onto chicken, pork, beef or seafood for a crisp crust and tender, mouthwatering meat. This epic blend clings to meat, infusing your favorite cuts with bold, balanced flavor, while sealing in juices. Add ¼ cup to 2 lbs chicken for epic taste straight off the grill. Apply directly and coat generously before grilling, or let it marinate overnight to intensify the flavor. Master the grill with just flame and flavor.