McCormick Dill Weed 0.3 oz

McCormick® Dill Weed is the dried feathery leaves of a plant in the parsley family, from which we also get dill seed. The herb brings sweet, bright flavor to poultry, fish, potatoes and sauces. Our dill weed is dried with hours of harvest to retain fresh herby flavor and bright green color. It is best in dishes which require little or no cooking, like cucumber salad, yogurt sauces and cream cheese spread for bagels. Stir dill weed along with your favorite spices into sour cream for a quick & easy vegetable dip. Whisk into dressings for potato, pasta, shrimp and green salads, or marinades for seafood and chicken. Add to pickling spices for homemade pickles. Dill weed’s mild flavor is a natural for quick-cooking salmon and steamed vegetables.