Best Choice Canola Oil Pan Coating

Pure vegetable. Naturally clear. Fat free. Cholesterol free. Calorie free. Sodium free. Stops food from sticking to all cookware. Makes clean-up easier. Pans and utensils wipe clean without soaking, scraping or scouring. Contains canola oil, one of the healthiest vegetable oils available. Great for restricted diets: Eliminates the need for oil, grease, fat or shortening. Adds no cholesterol, sodium or fat to your foods. The low calorie way to cook. Contains over 95% fewer calories than butter, margarine or oil per serving. Economical and safe: Contains no alcohol or silica particulates. Goes further than oil, butter or margarine. Easy to apply on skillets, pans, casseroles, grills, griddles, waffle irons, gelatin molds, skewers and even microwave dishes. Aids no-stick cookware and helps prevent scratching of their surfaces.