Mc Cormick Freeze Dried Chives 0.16 oz

McCormick Chives are freeze-dried at peak freshness for vibrant flavor, color and aroma, and packaged in our FlavorSealed bottle to ensure long-lasting fresh flavor. With chives this good, you'll want more than a sprinkle- they're perfect for stirring into potatoes, dips and salad dressings. Chives' mild onion flavor is well suited for all your meals. At breakfast, add to omelets, quiches and chive cream cheese spread for bagels. Potato salad and tuna salad get garden-fresh flavor from chives. At dinnertime, chive seasoning enhances meat, seafood, mashed potatoes, pastas and vegetables. It also makes a pleasing green garnish for party foods like deviled eggs and onion dip. Use 1 tsp. freeze-dried chives for 2 tsp. chopped fresh chives. Packaging may vary.