White Lily Flour, Bleached, Enriched, Self-Rising 5 lb

Delicious baking from scratch is at your fingertips with White Lily Self Rising Flour. This White Lily Flour is bleached, enriched, and made from 100% soft winter wheat for a light texture and delicious taste. Blended with leavening and salt, White Lily Self-Rising Flour is ideal for making light-textured, flaky biscuits and pastries. You can also use self rising white flour to whip up fluffy pancakes, muffins, waffles, coffee cakes and quick loaves. It's also perfect for baking cakes, tasty treats for bake sales, or homemade goodies to make every day special. A great addition to your baking ingredients, this 5 pound bag of White Lily Self Rising Flour is enough flour for many batches. White Lily Flour has been helping Southern cooks create delicious food since 1883. Our products are a staple in family kitchens and world-class restaurants alike. When you bake with White Lily, you're baking with history, tradition, and love.