Mt Olive Banana Pepper Rings, Mild 12 Oz

Flavor up any meal with a 12oz jar of Mt. Olive Mild Banana Pepper Rings. Give your sandwiches and subs a crunchy bite of flavor. Spice up hot dogs and burgers with the spicy-sweet flavor of banana peppers. And what about cooking up a batch of pepper jelly for glazes on meats and veggies? Yum, can’t wait. How about sweet potato skins baked with a touch of maple syrup and garnished with hot banana peppers? Pepperoni pizza can use the extra punch of flavor you get from banana pepper slices. These peppers can be a griller’s best friend. Spread those slices over the top of meats or poultry and let the flavor subtly seep in. Or mix them in with macaroni and cheese, top it off with some bread crumbs and bake in the oven for a delicious side dish. Give fresh baked breads a twist by including chopped banana peppers into the batter for biscuits, muffins or bagels. Enjoy straight out of the jar or use them to top off your favorite sandwiches and subs.