Mt Olive Pickles, Bread & Butter, Old Fashioned Sweet 16 Fl Oz

Are you ready to take your sandwich game up a notch or two? At Mt. Olive we have the perfect way to transform your ho-hum Sammy into something amazing. Try adding our Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers to your next sandwich and you will never look at your Turkey sandwich the same. Next time you have a burger, hold the ketchup and add our Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers. It will give your burger that bit of zesty flavor it needs and help to keep things moist and juicy thanks to that flavorful pickle juice. They are also great with pulled pork sliders. There are so many ways to enjoy the Bread & Butter Sandwich Stuffers. Try them on your next steak sandwich, you get the idea, there is not a sandwich on earth that cannot benefit from the sweet tangy flavor.