Palmetto Beer, Charleston Lager

Light malt body with an earthy hop finish. Enjoy with food and friends. Palmetto Brewery first served Charleston's thirst in the 1850s, operating through the War of Northern Aggression, the earthquake of 1886, and a major hurricane; but the brewery failed to survive prohibition. We resurrected the tradition in 1993, becoming the first brewery to operate in South Carolina since prohibition. Still located in the historic city of Charleston, our beer is truly handcrafted in small batches. Charleston Lager: The perfect pilsner for the Lowcountry heat and a throwback to the dominant turn of the century Charleston beer style, this is our tribute to the original Palmetto Brewery that made beer for the region from 1853-1913. A light, clean, crisp flavor with a subtle hop finish and spicy aroma that can only be achieved with a bohemian pilsner brewed with our southern style. This lager pairs well with our fresh seafood and poultry dishes. Enjoy with food and friends! In the days of tall ships, Charleston welcomed visitors from around the world with a fresh beer from the local Palmetto Brewery. Honoring this tradition, we invite you to join us for a tour and a refreshing pint. Visit our website for locations and hours.