Osem Israeli Matzah Shmurah

Osem® Israeli Matzah Shmurah. Kosher for passover & all year round. Net wt 10.5 oz (300g). Try Osem passover recipes! For delicious dishes to make your holiday special with Osem. Regular matzah mehudar. Yashan flour. Challah is taken. In 1942, even before the founding of the State of Israel, the Osem brand was born. Our factories helped feed a growing nation, providing employment for thousands of eager Israeli workers. Today, with a history that is intertwined with that of Israel itself, Osem brings you more than our delicious line of Kosher staples, snacks and delicacies. We bring you the Holy Land itself. Enjoy Osem, experience Israel! There's one reason Osem products are served in more than 70 countries worldwide: quality. From our matzah to our snack foods, and from our Mini Croutons to soups, desserts and canned goods - everything we sell must be lip-smacking good, while passing the most rigorous possible standards for ingredients, cleanliness and kashruth. So start a new tradition: Osem for Passover, and all year round! Did you know The western wall is located in the Old City of Jerusalem at the foot of the western side of the Temple Mount. The exposed part of the Western Wall is 187 feet long and 62 feet high. The stones that make up the wall can weigh between 4,000 and 16,000 pounds! It's customary to write prayer notes and place them between the wall's cracks. Over a million prayer notes are placed in the cracks every year! For comments contact us at: 1-800-200-OSEM (6736) or comments@osemusa.com. www.osemusa.com. ©Osem USA 2013. All rights reserved.