Organic Valley Grassmilk Fat Free Milk

Organic Valley® Grassmilk™ Fat Free Milk. Non-homogenized. 100% grass-fed. No grain. Organic. Vitamins A & D. Pasteurized. Grade A. USDA organic. Organic and farmer-owned since 1988. Goodness you can taste! Goodness abounds in every delicious glass of milk from our Organic Valley family farms. We strive to make our dairy products close to the way nature intended - we never use antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides or GMOs. You can feel good with every purchase of Organic Valley products knowing you are getting: Natural nutrition - our cows feed solely on grasses (not grain) and treat you to the delicious, nutritional goodness that is Organic Valley milk! Premium quality - 57 quality checks from farm to table. Generations of farming wisdom - we are a family farmer-owned cooperative. Our regional farms are committed to supporting local communities and sustainable practices that reduce fossil fuel use, enrich soils and protect watersheds. And we maintain the highest standards of humane animal care on all of our farms. At Organic Valley, we are proud to offer delicious products that nourish you and your family's well-being, support your community and promote the health of our planet. To find out more about our family farmer-owned coop, visit us at: What makes Grass Milk™ so special A dairy cow's diet makes a big difference in how its milk tastes. Our Grassmilk cows are 100% grass-fed. They are never fed grains like soy or corn. The result is a unique-tasting, deliciously creamy artisan milk that reflects where it comes from - lush pastures with clean air and abundant sunshine. A milk lover's bliss, it's a taste like no other. Fat free milk. Vitamins A & D. We never use: Antibiotics. Synthetic hormones. Toxic pesticides. GMOs. The best milk from the best pastures! It's a simple truth that cows naturally love to eat grass. Our Midwest cows get to spend their days, season after season, grazing lush, diverse pastures and forages; they are never fed grains. What does this mean for you Simply delicious milk with naturally occurring calcium. Grassmilk™ from Organic Valley is non-homogenized to be closest to the way mother nature intended. It truly is the cream of the crop! To learn more about our Grassmilk™, visit us at: Goodness from grass. Jahnke Family Farm, Lancaster, WI. Tetra Pak®. Protects what's good. Non-homogenized. Fat reduced from 8g to 0g. From our family farms to you. Oregon Tilth certified organic. Processed and packaged at plant stamped above. Half & Half, Organic Valley. Organic Valley, cultured butter. Thank you for choosing our products and sharing in the organic movement. Try our other delicious organic products: Butter, cream, half & half, eggs, cheese and soy. Become a farm friend at 1-888-444-MILK. Our cows are social and so are we! ©2014 CROPP Cooperative.