Organic Prairie Organic Frozen 2 Ct Ground Beef Patties 10.6 Oz Box

Our delectable lean ground beef from pasture-grazed, organically raised cattle, pre-pattied and ready for the grill! Welcome to Organic Prairie Family of Farms-the trusted source. Organic prairie is a part of a cooperative of independent organic family farmers- guardians of the earth who protect the soil, water, plants and animals through loving stewardship. Our mission is to provide delicious, premium quality organic meat from family farms. Our organic beef, pork, and poultry are produced in harmony with nature under strict organic standards. Antibiotics, synthetic hormones and pesticides are never used. Our animals are cared for humanely, with compassion. They are raised exclusively on 100% certified organic pasture and feed, and are free to roam outdoors with plenty of fresh air and sunshine. 2 premium beef patties from our family farms