Numi Organic Tea Turmeric Amber Sun - 12 CT

Numi® Tumeric Amber Sun Organic Tea. Herbal tea. Caffeine free. Vital tea tonic. Celebrating people, planet and pure tea. With rooibos, cinnamon & vanilla. USDA organic. Together for H2Ope. 12 Non-GMO tea bags. Fair trade certified ingredients. Net wt 1.46 oz (41.4 G). Spice of life: Turmeric is an ancient root in the ginger family. Native to southeast Asia, it is often found in curries, giving the food its brilliant, golden orange color. Turmeric is used as a balancing ingredient in ayurvedic diets and is associated with many health benefits. We recommend reading through the numerous studies and research that have been done on this amazing root to learn more. Numi's turmeric teas are a rich source of this vital root. This healthy tea tonic will revitalize, enrich, restore, and can be sipped any time of day. Numi is the first brand to purchase Fair Trade Certified™turmeric fromt this farmer's group in madagascar! Promoting healthy livelihood: Numi is proud to contribute incremental funds to our new turmeric partners in madagascar and help facilitate their transition to fair trade certification. With your help, we've built 22 wells serving clean drinking water to 3,500 turmeric farmers and their families in madagascar. Thank you for your support! Founders, Ahmed & Reem Rahim. Your purchase helps fund together for help, a non-profit initiative that provides clean drinking water to our farming communities around the world. Over 94% Fair Trade Certified™ Ingredients. This product is gluten free. Certified organic by QAI. Premium organic teas & herbs. Real fruits, flowers & spices. No "natural" flavors or fragrances. Amber sun: A smooth richness radiates through amber sun like a warm, healthy glow. This blend of turmeric, rooibos, vanilla beans and a hint of cinnamon offers mellow apple notes with a sweet peppery zest. Steep in freshly boiled water for 8-10 minutes. Islamic services of America. IOWA. Since 1975 - U.S.A. Eco responsibility audit. Through thoughtful choices, Numi annually conserves: 9,037 trees. 581,216 lbs, of landfill. 4,787 mil (000) BTU energy. 4,052,564 gallons water. 817,335 net greenhouse emissions. Environmental impact estimates were made using the environmental paper network calculator. For more information visit: Please be thoughtful and recycle! Numi printed with soy ink. 888.404.6864. All rights reserved. ©2016, Numi, Inc.