Natures Path Organic Cereal, Oatbran, Millet Rice

Wheat free. Low sodium. Nurturing people, nature & spirit. USDA Organic. Excellent source whole grain. We've come a long way. Now it's easier to eat well! Our Millet Rice with Oatbran cereal embodies a tradition passed to us from several ancient civilizations. The nutritional benefits of whole grain millet, brown rice and oats have sustained and continues to sustain millions of people. It's been our mandate all along to blend and create from these heirloom grains great tasting, healthful organic foods - in the process it has helped support agricultural diversity. Arran Stephens, founder of Nature's Path, realized long ago that you could enjoy delicious food and still help save the earth. Millet: From Africa to China by way of India: Millet goes way back. Pearl Millet, the most common variety, originated in West Africa, while other varieties made their way to India 3,000 years ago. In 4,500 BC China, Millet was considered a Sacred Crop, and it became a staple in Europe during the Middle Ages before the introduction of potatoes and corn. Millet's popularity through the ages may have something to do with its drought-resistance and its ability to grow in nearly any soil, making it an important crop all over Africa, India and parts of North America today. But you'll likely enjoy Millet for its Magnesium as well as its niacin, thiamin & phyto-nutrients that may lower cholesterol. You might also enjoy it just for its nutty, toasty good flavor. Rice: From Traditional Medicine to Modern Nutrition: Recent evidence suggests, Rice was first cultivated in Asia over 9,000 years ago, and its nutritional benefits have long been appreciated. Ancient Chinese medicinal texts prescribed eating just brown rice for 10 days as the first step towards healing, and it was considered a vital and harmonious food. We now better understand its benefits, especially that of Brown Rice - Rice that has not been milled beyond the removal of its outer husk, retaining its bran, germ and other healthful portions. Brown Rice contains Manganese (good for energy and antioxidants), as well as for selenium, magnesium and fiber. When you put it all together, Millet Rice is a cereal with a unique, crunchy flavor you'll come to love. 3 Generations of commitment to organic farming. What's good about your Millet Rice Cereal? Millet Rice with Oatbran is a fruit juice sweetened whole grain cereal. Millet contains Magnesium, while brown rice contains manganese & fiber. What's good about certified organic goodness? Good food; No synthetic pesticides; No synthetic herbicides; No preservatives or additives; No genetically engineered seeds or ingredients; No irradiation; Good ecology; Enriched, drought resistant soil; Less soil erosion; Less groundwater pollution; Improved farm biodiversity. Low fat. This product is third-party certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI). Product of Canada.