Natural Nectar Pastries of the World Lady Fingers, Biscotti Savoiardi, Natural

Twin stay fresh packs. All natural. 0 g trans fat. No artificial colors or flavors. No hydrogenated oil. Natural Nectar Lady Fingers. We have traveled around the globe to bring you Patisseries du Monde, the finest collection of biscuits, cookies and pastries in the world. Made in the grand tradition of old world bakeries, our pastry artisans transform high quality, all natural ingredients into exquisite, sweet delights that are sure to tickle your palate. Natural Nectar Lady Fingers, known as Biscotti Savoiardi in Italy and Boudoirs in France, lend an international flavor to your dessert table. Our all natural Lady Fingers are an essential ingredient in classic Italian Tiramisu and versatile enough to use as a sweetly delicate layer for other traditional desserts, such as a French Charlotte or an English Trifle. Perfect to dip into an aromatic cup of coffee, a flute of champagne or as an elegant and crisp accompaniment to a fruit plate. Natural Nectar Lady Fingers add a note of sweet sophistication to any celebration. Baked in France. Product of France.