Native Forest Organic Hearts Of Palm

Native Forest® Organic Hearts Of Palm. Delicious in salads. USDA Organic. Rainforest friendly. Gluten-Free. Vegan. Net Wt 14 oz (400 g). Native Forest Organic Hearts of Palm are culinary delicacies derived from renewable resources in two countries: Peru and Colombia. The Hearts of Palm in this can are sourced from the Amazon River basin of Peru, which boasts a wonderful diversity of life and a pristine setting for palms and other flora to thrive. Indigenous villagers who live within the rainforest zone have learned how, where and when to cut the stalks of wild "Euterpe precatoria" palms to maintain and repopulate the palm species. Over 200,000 acres of native forest are now protected from development as a result of this Organic Hearts of Palm project, which supports regional prosperity and ensures protection of the rainforest for years to come. For more of our Organic Hearts of Palm story, please visit: Perfect in salads, side dishes and appetizers. Native Forest® Organic Hearts of Palm are tender and delicious, with a delicate flavor reminiscent of artichokes. Low in fat and calories, they are tasty and versatile additions to any meal. Serving Suggestions: Slice hearts of palm and add to salads. Serve them alone with vinaigrette as a delicious cold appetizer. Warm them in the oven with butter, parmesan cheese and spices as a savory side dish. Certified Organic by QAI. Convenience without compromise®. Native Forest® is a trademark of: Edward & Sons™ - A family owned vegetarian company since 1978. Email: Visit: ©2016 Edward & Sons Trading Co., Inc.