Nadamoo Frozen Dessert, Dairy-Free, Salted Caramel

A rich, sweet, and savory pairing of caramelized sugar and sea salt. Made with organic coconut milk. The original coconut milk frozen dessert. Certified Vegan. American Vegetarian Association. Certified Gluten-Free. Fair Trade Certified by Certified organic by Organic certifiers, Inc. Nada-what? Nadamoo! Back in 2004, people thought we were crazy when we wanted to make ice cream with coconut milk. But were from Austin, so we did it anyway. We called it Nadamao! - a made-up word that means no dairy. It's fun to say and fun to eat. So get a pint and see why fans everywhere say ifs the creamiest, tastiest dairy-free ice cream ever. Grab life by the coconuts! Check us out at for all our great flavors. Proudly born & raised in Austin, Texas.