ECKRICH Thick Sliced Bologna Lunchmeat

Eckrich Thick Bologna delivers the classic bologna taste you love in convenient thick slices so you're always prepared to make a quick sandwich. Made with chicken and pork, this gluten free lunch meat contains no by-products, soy, artificial colors or artificial flavors so you can feel good about adding it to school lunches. This thick cut bologna lunch meat comes in perfect slices for minimal prep when you have a craving for bologna sandwiches. Layer pre sliced bologna on your favorite bread with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and mayo for an easy, hearty meal at home, at work or on a picnic. For a quick snack, roll up a slice and dip in your favorite mustard or other sauce. When you want something hot for dinner, fry up a few slices of this classic deli meat and add to your sandwich with a fried egg and cheese for extra flavor. This bologna comes in a reclosable package for convenient use and storage in the refrigerator.