Mc Cormick Whole Thyme Leaves 0.75 oz

One of our more popular herbs, McCormick® Thyme Leaves bring mellow herb flavor and sweet aroma. It elevates beef stew, chicken pot pie, casseroles, roasted potatoes and meatless dishes with a warm and inviting taste. Thyme’s tiny whole leaves are carefully harvested and dried so that they retain their rich color, piney aroma and subtle minty flavor. The robust leaves can withstand long cooking times in braised dishes, gumbos and tomato sauce. Ideal for high heat cooking when added to marinades and rubs for roasted or grilled meats. Thyme pairs well with other herbs and spices, making it often-used around the world in blends like French Herbes de Provence, Cajun blackened seasoning, Caribbean jerk seasoning and Middle Eastern za’atar.