Maria And Ricardo's Artesano Wraps Tortilla Style Golden White - 6 CT

Maria And Ricardo's® Artesano Wraps™ Tortilla Style Golden White. Premium Mexican. Art + wholesome. Certified Vegan. Soy free. Made with a blend of white & whole wheat flour. Great taste smart ingredients. 100 Calories. 5g Fiber. Source of fiber agave inulin. Soft wraps. Net Wt 8.88 oz (252 g). For ages, careful artisans have combined pure, earth given ingredients to create tortillas: a versatile daily bread for millions. "Arte" embodies the skill of crafting; "Sano," wholesome, is the dedication to only the finest ingredients. Non GMO Project Verified. 9g Or more per serving. Eat 48g or more of whole grains daily.