Maldon Sea Salt, Flakes

Est. 1882. By appointment to Her Majesty The Queen. Purveyors of sea salt. Maldon Salt Company, Maldon. Loved by chefs the world over. This salt does not supply iodine, a necessary nutrient. For food that's worth its salt. Our sea salt is made with the same care and traditional methods we have been using for generations. The distinctive shape of our pyramid crystals has always been our company trademark, celebrating the unique quality of our soft crunchy flakes. Their fresh intensity and clean taste contains the perfect balance of natural minerals, creating dishes with well-rounded depth and flavor. Take a generous pinch and crush between fingers and thumb. Approved Kosher. Organic Food Federation approved product. The Source: The ancient town of Maldon, on the shores of the Blackwater Estuary, has been at the heart of salt production since Roman times. It is this location along with our unique hand-drawn methods that gives our salt its distinctive taste and textures. The Maker: Our naturally produced sea salt is the essential ingredient for cooks around the globe, Maldon has been bringing recipes to life and balancing flavour since 1882, and we will continue to make every meal memorable for generations to come. Facebook/maldon.seasalt. Twitter at maldonsalt. Product of United Kingdom.